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Vorsprung Secus Footstud Assembly

Vorsprung Secus Footstud Assembly

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The Vorsprung Secus Footstud Assemblies allow you to adapt an existing Secus Fork Air Spring Upgrade to a different fork.

The kits provide all the necessary fitment parts for the specified fork. Check the compatibility chart in the images of the Secus page to see which kit fits your fork.

Rockshox A2 Footstud

  • Please note that the Rockshox A2 fitment kit replaces the old Rockshox A1 kit. It fits all the same forks as the A1 kit, plus more.
  • Generally fits Rockshox Revelation, Pike, Yari, Lyrik, Zeb and Boxxer but check the compatibility chart in the images of the Secus page to confirm.

Fox A1 Footstud

  • Fox 32, 34 & 36 2018+ (unless footnut on spring side is recessed)
  • Not suitable for Stepcast 32 & 34, Marzocchi Z1 2019+

Fox A2 Footstud

  • Fox 38 2021+

Fox A3 Footstud Kit

  • Fox A3 kit is the same footstud as the Fox A1 kit but includes a replacement air piston for the 2018+ Fox 40.
  • The Piston is also available separately where necessary.

Installation tool - TLAP40

  • For the Fox 40 air piston (A3 kit) are available and are sold separately.

Secus Seal Kit

  • Servicing your fork? We recommend servicing your Secus too.
  • This kit comes with all o-rings necessary to perform a service on your Secus, and more.
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