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Vorsprung Fractive Fox Fit4 Tuning System

Vorsprung Fractive Fox Fit4 Tuning System

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Vorsprung's Fractive Fox Fit4 Tuning System is specifically designed to fit Fox Fit4 forks from 2016-18. This upgrade offers the best of both worlds for FIT4 forks. Super smooth small bump sensitivity for trail shredding and a very controlled, bottomless feel for those bigger hits.


  • Vorsprung-exclusive Fractive high-performance compression piston for Fit4 dampers
  • Custom compression valving tailored to your preferences & requirements
  • 3 position switch becomes a true high-speed compression (HSC) adjuster with little low-speed impact
  • Low-speed compression adjuster more usable than before - works in all HSC modes
  • Allows for linear valving which improves support and adjustability without harshness
  • Compatible with Luftkappe air spring upgrade kits
  • Available in 5 different tunes. See the YouTune Calculator link below
  • Designed & manufactured by Vorsprung in Whistler

In The Box:

  • Fractive high-performance compression piston
  • Your selected compression valve stack. No rebound changes are made.

This is designed for Riders :

  • who want improved support, compliance, grip and control from their Fit4-damped fork, without harshness or the blowing-through feel
  • who prioritise HSC adjustment and usable compression damping over lockouts and platform systems
  • serious about performance


  • 32 Factory Series Fit4 forks, from 2016-18
  • 34 Factory Series Fit4 forks, from 2016-18
  • 36 Factory Series Fit4 forks, from 2016-18
  • 40 Performance Series Elite forks, from 2016-18

Any spring system in any of the above forks (Talas, Float or the 40 VAN) works fine as the spring system is in the left leg, this part is going in the right leg.

Incompatible Forks:

  • Any remote-lockout or remote-adjust forks. These are not compatible.
  • 32, 34 or 36 Performance Series (P-S) forks with only the 3-position adjuster (no black low-speed compression dial).
  • Any Fit Grip forks
  • Any RC2-damped forks (36 or 40) with high and low-speed compression dials
  • Any Rhythm forks


This is not a "pedal mode" lockout. The mode selector now becomes a high speed compression (HSC) adjuster and does NOT make a perceptible difference at low speed (ie bouncing on the fork) as its effect is very much separated from the LSC adjuster. It does, however, make a substantial difference at high speeds. If that would bother you, keep your stock damper.
Self-install on these is not simple. Please read the installation manual before ordering a kit for self-install and ensure you are capable and comfortable carrying this out.

  • Tools are required to install this kit
  • This kit cannot address air spring concerns. Check out the Our VORSPRUNG Luftkappe for air spring upgrades.
  • The valving recommendations are based on testing and are aimed at centering in the adjustment range. The range of adjustment is quite wide, and you will still need to spend some time finding the setup you like best.
  • This will not turn your 100mm travel XC race bike into a 200mm DH bike.
  • VORSPRUNG products should be installed and serviced by a trained bicycle service technician, in accordance with both VORSPRUNG and original manufacturers' specifications
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