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Vittoria Air Liner Tubeless Inserts

Vittoria Air Liner Tubeless Inserts

20 - 29 Inch
M - 2.25 - 2.5 Inch Tyres
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The Vittoria Air Liner is a polymer insert designed to be used in tubeless tyres. It increases control, performance, and durability as well as providing protection for both your tyre and rim. It is compatible with any wheel up to 29in, available in a variety of sizes to suit 1.9-4.0 tyres and works with any tubeless valve.


Added Protection: Provides added protection by cushioning any impacts from inside the tyre, this protects your rims from dents/damage and reduces the chance of pinch flats and tyre damage.

Increased Control: The insert reduces the air volume in the tyre which allows the tyre to behave in a more controlled manner.

Increased Performance: Side to side stability is increased like running more pressure in your tyre but unlike increasing the pressure in your tyre you get all the benefits of running low pressures: improved grip for increased cornering, braking and climbing traction.

Available in four sizes: Small 1.9-2.25in (XC/marathon) Medium 2.25-2.5in (AM/Enduro) Large 2.5-2.7in (Enduro/Plus bikes) Extra Large 2.7-4.0in (Plus/Fat bike) tyres.

This highly durable polymer material has been tested to a projected life of 2000 hours under normal riding, or 1 full hour of downhill with a flat tyre!

These are sold individually.

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