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TowWhee Waist Belt with Mini Carabiner

TowWhee Waist Belt with Mini Carabiner

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This handy little belt will increase the versatility and ease of install/removal of your sweet TowWhee system.  It will allow the rider in front to easily disengage the system should it be necessary on the trail, or make it easier when you finish the climb and are ready to shred your way back down.

Who's this for:  People with the TowWhee system looking to make it easier to take it off and on.

Install:  This will go around the waist of the rider in front.  The TowWhee strap is then connected via carabiner to the belt loop.

What's in the box:  Belt strap for the person towing, carabiner.

Pros:  Increases TowWhee versatility.

Cons:  Might not work well with backpacks.
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