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TowWhee Quick Release Strap

TowWhee Quick Release Strap

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This simple, yet effective system allows you to quickly and easily hook up the rider to be towed using the friction of the strap, but the way it is looped allows the 2nd rider to instantly detach themselves by simply releasing their grip on the strap. This is great for when the 2nd rider isn't confident being towed yet and wants to have a quick bail-out solution.

Who's this for: People with the TowWhee system looking for a quick and easy detachment and bail out system.

  1. Loop the Quick Release strap through the TowWhee loop, then through its own loop and pull it tight so it becomes an extension of the TowWhee.
  2. Loop the Quick Release around the stem/frame once, and then up to the handlebars.
  3. The 2nd rider holds the strap between their hand and the grip when they grip the bars.
  4. For best results have the strap come in on the rear brake lever side, then loop around and be held on the front brake lever side.

What's in the box: 1x Quick Release webbing strap

Pros: Increases TowWhee versatility. Enables quick detachment that is under the towed rider's control.

Cons: Could be a little fiddly to set up until you've done it a few times.
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