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TLD UPS 7850 Protective Short Sleeve Shirt - Black

TLD UPS 7850 Protective Short Sleeve Shirt - Black

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The TLD UPS 7850 Protective Short Sleeve Shirt is there for you in those times when you suddenly run out of talent and body meets dirt. With an anatomical design and integrated protection zones, the UPS 7850 has a discrete, slimline design that will take the hit for you, without making you look like a ninja turtle.

Who's this item for: Best for gravity riding where you're pushing your limits but have someone or something to give you a lift back up the hill for the next run.

Protection Style: The UPS 7850 uses dense, CE Certified biofoam protection arrayed in abrasion-resistant panels that will keep your skin on and take the sting out of impacts for you.

Fitting style: It slips on like a shirt and has a wide neck opening and an open armpit design to help dissipate heat.

Length of protection: Full torso and back with short sleeves that stop just above the elbow.

Protection level: Light to moderate protection. It'll take most of the hit for you but you'll still feel pointy rocks if you're unlucky enough to land on them.

Removable protective inserts for washing: The pads in this garment are not removable for washing.

Pros: Slimline upper body protection that isn't too bulky so you'll be more likely to wear it.

Cons: It's probably going to get pretty hot in there.
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