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Tannus Armour Tyre Levers With Valve Core Remover

Tannus Armour Tyre Levers With Valve Core Remover

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With the Tannus Armour tyre lever and valve remover kit, you'll never struggle to find your valve core remover in your saddlebag or tool kit again. The compact tyre levers are made strong with a nicely shaped lip to get under the tyre bead and provide you with a little leverage to make getting your tyre on or off that little bit easier. With spoke grabbers to hold one side of the open bead in place while you're free to tackle the other end with both hands, the Tannus Armour tyre levers aren't just for users of Tannus tyre inserts, they are suitable for all tyres on all rims.

The nested aluminium valve core tool is a great addition to this super-compact kit and the fact that it clicks into one of the tyre levers means it doesn't take up any more space and is easy to find when you need it. The combined Schrader and Presta valve tool allows you to remove and clean, or tighten your valve cores should they leak, or remove them completely for easy deflation or fast tubeless bead setting.

A great addition to your multitool in a saddlebag for everyday trail riding, or for bigger gravel or bikepacking adventures.

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