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SwissStop Disc 33 Magura MT5-MT7 Disc Brake Pad

SwissStop Disc 33 Magura MT5-MT7 Disc Brake Pad

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Pad Compound
The SwissStop Disc 33 Magura MT5-MT7 disc brake pads are high performance brake pads from SwissStop. They are designed for use with Magura brakes and are available in a resin-organic compound:

The Resin-Organic compound is a high performance compound made from a Kevlar, Ceramic, Brass, and resin composite material. It is designed for maximum braking power with less effort required at the brake lever. The performance is great in both wet and dry conditions and they have excellent pad life. 

Who's this item for: Riders after quality replacement pads for their Magura MT5 or MT7 brakes.

Pad Material: Available in a resin-organic compound only.

Backing plate material: Not specified by SwissStop.

Brake caliper compatibility: Compatible with Magura MT5 and MT7 only.

Stand out features: The resin-organic compound performs excellent in all conditions.

What's in the box:
  • 1 x Set of Brake Pads (4 individual pads - enough to do EITHER the front or rear brake)
  • 1 x High quality retainer spring.

Pros: Excellent performance and modulation.

Cons: Resin-organic pads generally don't last as long as metallic options.
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