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SQLab 611 Ergowave Fabio Wimber Saddle

SQLab 611 Ergowave Fabio Wimber Saddle

Black - Fabio Wibmer
Rail Material:
Light Metal Alloy
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SQlab team rider Fabio Wibmer is more than just a YouTube star, he is a multi-talent on the bike. Whether you see him performing creative stunts on the trials bike or flying down massive stair gaps on his Enduro bike, it is undeniable that the material has to last. By developing his new Signature Line, Fabio got the opportunity to both design his own products and adapt them to his needs. That is why in cooperation with him, SQlab has not only created an MTB line but also developed a brand new Trials line.

The 611 Ergowave Fabio Wibmer comes in a black/gold design. The wave-like shape and raised posterior section to provide perfect rearward support and optimal pressure distribution, reaching deep into the bodily structures and resulting in improved power transmission through the feet. The lowered saddle nose and the dip work as a perfect combination in offering optimal pressure relief to the perineal area. The padding material has been adapted as well to meet the requirements of MTB use and thus offers greater cushioning in rough terrain. A premium quality Kevlar cover protects the saddle’s highly stressed parts. Extra stability is guaranteed as a result of additionally reinforced seat stays.


  • The perfect Fit - available in multiple widths to provide for every rider ( to know more about your size visit the SQ-lab site
  • Ergonomic - Raised back section provides rearward support and ensures efficient power transmission. The level and lowered saddle nose applies less pressure to the sensitive areas of men and women alike.
  • More Propulsion - The wave-shaped Ergowave profile which contours from the rear to the front offer a perfect form-fit shape for most sit bones. The rider does not need to be seated in an inefficient and tiring sitting position and all energy can be used for forward propulsion.
  • maximum Stability - The S-Tube struts have been reinforced again for Fabio Wibmer in order to hold safely even with big impacts.
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