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Spank Spike Vibrocore 359 Rim

Spank Spike Vibrocore 359 Rim

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The latest tech from Spank's rim department is the Spike Vibrocore 359 Rim.  With a built in vibration damping system, increased radial compliance, lateral stiffness and torsional strength it's hard to choose a different rim for your next wheel build.

Who's this item for: DH, Freeride, Enduro and aggressive All Mountain riders.

Tubeless: Yes, they are tubeless ready and patiently waiting to be taped and have valves installed.  The 359 rims feature Spanks Bead Bite technology which is designed to hold the bead in place and avoid burping under lateral load.  It features 6 tiny ridges that run along the vertical and horizontal faces of the bead seats.  This creates an air seal between the rim and the tyre and reduces the beads ability to move, improving tyre stability.  

  • 27.5" 580-grams (give or take a few)
  • 29" 620-grams (give or take a few)
Rim Dimensions: 
  • 27.5" ERD - 560, internal diameter - 30.5mm, outer diameter - 35mm
  • 29" ERD - 598, internal diameter - 30.5mm, outer diameter - 35mm
Materials: The rims are made from a high end alloy mix called Dynamal Alloy.  Dynamal Alloy yields tremendous tensile strength in a lightweight package comparable to carbon-fiber.  Spank's Ooh-Bah reverse rim well design combines a concave outer wall with convex inner well which result in massive strength and stiffness.  This design allows less material to be used compared to similar width alloy rims and also results in a lighter overall rim.

The real magic takes place inside these rims though.  Inside the rims you will find a biodegradable foam.  This foam is said to perform much like the soft tissue found inside our bones.  This magic bone foam increases inner wall strength and more importantly absorbs vibration.  Other added benefits of Vibrocore filled rims are increased torsional stiffness and an increase in the overall fatigue life of the rim.

Pros: Strong, stiff, wide and comfortable, all in one rim? You got it!

Cons: These rims require more attention than somes rims do when it comes to building.  If you follow the list of 'do's and don'ts' you will be rewarded with a bomber wheelset that will last you km after km. You can read all about it in the link attached below.
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