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Spank Spike 30 Lock-On Grip

Spank Spike 30 Lock-On Grip

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Black - Grey Single Lock On Grips
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Black - Grey
Single Lock On Grips

Regular price $49.95
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Spank Spike 30 Lock-On Grip's feature something called 'Human Factor'.  What exactly is Human Factor you ask? (I asked too). Well it's a surface pattern on the grip that takes the comfort and durability benefits of a finned grip but removes the unwanted float.  These anatomically designed grips also feature a tapered bar end.   This tapered profile naturally keeps your pinky finger on the grip pattern while it feels like you're holding on to the end of the bars. The medium 30mm diameter will suit a lot of hands out there.

Who's this item for: Riders chasing a well designed comfy grip.

Mounting style: Single lock-on attachment.

Material: The Spike 30 Lock-On grips are constructed from Kraton rubber, an alloy clamp, a plastic base and use a stainless steel bolt to lock them into place.

Pattern: Human Factor!  There's a lot of tech in this - it's not just a fancy name.  The interlocking column design is as comfortable as a finned grip but doesn't give that hollow floating sensation.  There are three directional ribs at the front of the grip for added traction when you're pulling hard on the bars.  The grip also flares (larger) at the outboard end to increase traction when you're really laying the bike over in corners. There's a smooth dotted section designed to be placed where your thumb travels to the shifter/dropper lever to reduce potential friction issues.  An asymmetric cushioning design provides firmness where it’s needed, and softness where it's desired.

Features: There are engineered cut outs in the internal plastic sleeves, specifically in the palm area to reduce impulse shock and vibrations.  These should reduce arm pump and increase high-fives. 

Soft / firm: Well, both? The grip has a soft feel to it but it's not a squishy soft.

End caps: Yup! There are built in, impact resistant, tapered end caps.  This tapered design is a simple, but genius way to protect pinky fingers from getting caught between your bars and trees.  If you like to ride with your pinky right at the end of the grip these grips are for you.

Diameter: 30mm (think the middle sized bowl of porridge in Goldilocks).

Length: These would be considered long at 145mm.

Weight: Give or take 100-grams per pair.

Pros: Medium diameter. Cool concept and design. Kraton rubber lasts! Tapered bar end design. Right and left specific setup.

Cons: No cons!

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