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Smith Wildcat Sunglasses

Smith Wildcat Sunglasses

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The Smith Wildcats have taken all their inspiration from... yup, that's right- goggles. With goggle-like coverage, hybrid construction methods and a cylindrical lens you can charge any trail, and be able to see it. The beauty in this design is you get the airflow and comfort of sunnies with protection like goggles.

Who's this item for: Cycling fashion junkies and Steeze Cats alike. Or anyone that wants a funky set of sunnies with some serious lens technology.

Frame type and fit: The Wildcat sunnies fall into the 'Partial Frame' category. Frameless around the sides but framed around the top and bottom of the lens. The Wildcats are medium fit, XL coverage sunglasses. They are 135mm across, 62mm high while the ear pieces (which feature auto-lock hinges) are 125mm long. The frame is constructed from durable TR90 and flexible TPU, the same that is used in the Smith goggles.

Adjustable nose pads: Yes! Equipped with two-position hydrophilic megol nose pads for a secure no-slip fit.

Lens features: The ever-popular Chromapop lens features with the Wildcat. This Chromapop red mirror lens is best in bright light situations. Included is an interchangeable clear lens for low light overcast days, or rides with heavy tree canopy. The hydroleophobic lens coating limits the ability of moisture, grease, and grime to stick to the lens surface.

Interchangeable Lens: Yes!

Stand out features: The Chromapop lens is always a winner. The Hydrophilic megol temple and two-position nose pads ensure a precise comfortable fit. A secondary low-light lens is awesome as well. The Wildcat's also come with a microfiber bag and zippered case.

Pros: Big coverage sunnies are a great thing. To be able to cruise-blast down trails and not have your eyes water is ace. The Chromapop lenses really do define colours well. Hydrophilic megol temple and two-position nose pads, also awesome!

Cons: Big coverage sunnies might not be your thing.

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