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Shokz OpenMove Wireless Open Ear Headphones

Shokz OpenMove Wireless Open Ear Headphones

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Shokz's top-selling headphones just got a makeover. OpenMove was created with versatility in mind and designed for everyday use, bringing you the best-in-class bone conduction technology and better features at an entry-level price.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IP55 Water-Resistant
  • 6-Hour Battery Life
  • 3 EQ Settings
  • Colours


  • Open Ear Comfort: Inspired by athletes, designed for everyone. Our open-ear design powered by bone conduction technology allows for total awareness of surroundings and bud-free, comfortable listening.
  • Water Resistant: Go hard in every element. Inspired by athletes, these headphones repel sweat, dust, and moisture to help you push any limit.
  • Easy Controls: Features a discreet design, easily locatable buttons, and quick controls such as play, skip, pause, and back-a-track.
  • 6 Hours of Music and Calls: With 6 hours of battery life and 3 customizable EQ settings, you can enjoy music, calls, audiobooks, and podcasts wherever, whenever.
  • Designed For Everyone: Listen to audio comfortably and safely on your commute, while outside, or at home. OpenMove brings you the best-in-class bone conduction technology at an entry-level price.
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