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Shimano XT BR-M8100 Race Disc Brake

Shimano XT BR-M8100 Race Disc Brake

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Brake Lever Hose

Shimano is back at again with another great iteration of the XT brake. This time around the M8100 Race brakes are here for lightweight, high power goodness.

Are the brakes bled? The brakes are Shimano J-Kit which means they are fully bled in the factory and the brake line is disconnected at the lever end to allow for easier installation on frames with internal routing. The brake line is capped and the lever plugged and the olive is shipped inside the brake lever. If you don't need to trim your brake lines you can reattach the brake line without the need to bleed your brakes.

Who's this for: Riders wanting a sharp, bitey brake that will control your speed down the rough stuff, without costing a kidney, and without too much weight.

How many pistons: Two piston stoppage here.

Adjustment: Free stroke, and lever throw adjustment.

Brake fluid: Mineral oil fluid.

Which pads: Type G and Type J pads.

Mount: These use the new I-Spec EV mount for your shifter or dropper lever.

Hose length: 1000m front, 1700mm rear

Weight: Approx. 290g

Pros: Light race brakes without a huge price tag behind them.

Cons: Might need a new shifter due to the I-Spec EV mount.

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