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Shimano Type G Brake Pad

Shimano Type G Brake Pad

Pad Compound:
Resin - Organic
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Stop with confidence! If your brakes are starting to feel weak, it may be time to replace your pads.

Type G pads are non-finned brake pads to suit Shimano 2-piston brakes. The same pad shape is available in Type J which is the finned version of this pad.

Type G pads are available with a Steel backing plate (S), Aluminium backing plate (A) and Titanium backing plate (Ti).

The latest G05S-RX is said to have 50% better wear than the previous G03A and G03S models with improved modulation and even quieter operation. The previous G03A and G03S pads were a newer resin compound that had 40% longer wear resistance than the previous G02A and G02S pads. Soon, the pads will never wear out!


  • Pros
    • Less fade at higher temperatures.
    • Perform better in wet conditions.
    • longer lasting.
    • Better for heavier riders and heavy, sustained braking.
  • Cons
    • Less Initial bite
    • Noisier


  • Pros
    • Quiet.
    • Better initial bite.
  • Cons
    • Tend to wear out faster
    • Don't perform as well in wet conditions.

Brake Compatibility:

  • BR-M9000
  • BR-M9020
  • BR-M987
  • BR-M985
  • BR-M8100
  • BR-M8000
  • BR-M785
  • BR-M7100
  • BR-M675
  • BR-M666
  • BR-M615
  • BR-M6000
  • BR-M6100
  • BR-M5100
  • BR-S7000
  • BR-S700
  • BR-R785
  • BR-R785
  • BR-CX75
  • BR-CX77
  • BR-R515
  • BR-R517
  • BR-R315
  • BR-R317

Pro Tip: Leave your old pads in place and use a large flat screwdriver or small spanner to gently push your pistons back in before you replace your pads. Don't forget to bed-in your new pads before you go riding trails. Simply ride around with your brakes half on for about 5 minutes and pedal hard!

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