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Shimano 9 Speed Jockey Wheel Set

Shimano 9 Speed Jockey Wheel Set

High Grade - Deore XT Level
Derailleur Component:
Pulley Wheel
Suits Derailleur:
Shimano 9 Speed
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Shimano's Genuine 9 speed derailleur jockey wheels are available in different quality levels. Both are cross compatible.

The High Grade wheels feature 1 x Ceramic bushing and 1 x sealed bearing. These are standard equipment in RD-6770/ 6700-A/ 6700/ 6600/ 6500/ M772/ M771/ M770/ M761/ M760/ M751/ M750/ M810-A/ M810/ M806/ M805/ M801/ M800/ C910/ T780

The Standard grade wheels are original equipment on RD-5701/ 5700-A/ 5700/ 5600/ 5501/ 5500/ 4601/ 4600/ 4500/ 4400/ 3500/ 3400/ 3300/
2400/ R350/ R350-10/ M662/ M601/ M600/ M592/ M591/ M581/ M580/ M571/ M570/ M531/
M530/ M511/ M510/ M4000/ M430/ M3000/ M390/ M370/ M330/ T670/ T661/ T610/
T4000/ T400/ T3000/ T300/ F800/ F700/ C810/ MC20/ MC18/ CT-S500

Both the High and Standard grade wheels include

1 x Pulley and 1 x Tension wheel in the box.

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