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Sendhit Fork Stanchion Scratch Repair Kit

Sendhit Fork Stanchion Scratch Repair Kit

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There is nothing worse than the anguish of surviving a gnarly crash or getting your bike off the shuttle trailer only to discover that your fork, shock, or seatpost has a big scratch or burr on it. Previously, this type of grievous injury could be considered a death sentence for the component (or your wallet) but Sendhit has come to save the day with their Sendhit Fork Stanchion Scratch Repair Kit. Suitable for use on fork, shock, and seatpost stanchions, the repair kit provides you with everything you need to remove any burrs. Fill the scratch with a high-strength epoxy resin, and then gently sand it to a beautiful smooth finish that will be almost impossible to detect and will ensure that there is no decrease in the performance/lifespan of the component, or the joy you feel when looking at it.

A Note on Shipping: The Epoxy resin contained in this product means that it is classified as a dangerous good and cannot be shipped by air. Unfortunately, this means that we can only ship this product to addresses in Australia via regular road-based postage.

This also means that we can't ship it to Tasmania either. Sorry!

Who's this item for: Anguished riders that have mortally wounded the fork, shock, or seatpost stanchion on their beloved steed and want to get them back to looking and performing at their best.

What does it include:

  • Small file to accurately remove burrs without damaging the stanchion
  • Alcohol cleaning wipes to clean the area before applying the epoxy resin
  • 5ml bottle of epoxy resin (available in a black, or transparent finish to match your stanchion)
  • 3ml bottle of hardener to mix with the epoxy to activate the hardening process
  • 5 mix tubes
  • 5 pippettes (allow for accurate application of the epoxy resin)
  • 1 sanding wedge
  • 10 super fine sanding papers
  • 1 pair of rubber gloves
  • Instruction Manual (also see link below)

How does it work: The Sendhit Fork Stanchion Scratch Repair Kit works by filling any scratched or gouged areas of the stanchion with a high strength epoxy resin that has been developed to meet the stresses imposed by a MTB stanchion: strong adhesion to metal, impact and friction resistance, and a high tolerance to oily environments. Epoxy resin is superior to nail varnish or superglue in that it is a permanent fix that will not degrade or need to be reapplied again.

Brief instructions: Be sure to thoroughly read the detailed instructions and watch the video before you begin! See links below.

  1. Apply a small drop of lubricant to the scratch and gently remove any burrs or sharp edges with the file.
  2. Wipe the area clean with the alcohol swab to ensure that the epoxy will create a strong bond.
  3. Mixing the epoxy fluids together for 3 minutes to initiate the hardening process.
  4. Apply a small drop of the mixed epoxy resin with the pippette.
  5. Store component horizontally and allow epoxy to dry for 6-8 hrs (temperature and humidity dependent).
  6. Gently sand the resin in the direction of the stanchion until the repair is smooth and no raised surfaces are detectable.
  7. Breathe a sigh of relief and give yourself a high-five.

Note: The repaired area will have a slightly matte finish after the sanding process. If you find this unsightly and/or your eye starts twitching when you look at it Sendhit recommends the use of a high-quality metal polish such as Autosol Metal Polish which can restore it to a glossy finish.

Takeaway: Scratches on your MTB stanchions can damage your seals, allow the ingress of dirt and water and make you sad when you look at them. The Sendhit Fork Stanchion Scratch Repair Kit will get your components looking and performing great again and will remove those tears from your eyes.

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