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Ryder Slyder Slugplug - CO2 Storage System

Ryder Slyder Slugplug - CO2 Storage System

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Convenient and discrete storage of your CO2 canisters and Ryder Slug Plug.

Who's this for: Riders looking to carry a CO2 canister and a Slug Plug (tyre plug) on their bike, rather than in their pockets or a pack.

Mounting: Mounts underneath your bottle cage, or on any standard bottle cage style mounts on your frame. A bottle cage is not required to use this.

What else: It can be used to carry either 2 x 25gm CO2 canisters, or 1 x 25gm CO2 Canister and 1 x Ryder Slug Plug. The canister holders slide off the base mount, and double as freeze burn protectors. There is also enough room to allow for a CO2 head to stay attached to the canister in storage.

Pros: Super quick and convenient access to your CO2 canister and Slug Plug to fix your flat and get your bike rolling again.

Cons: May not fit on some bikes with massive downtubes. Does NOT include CO2 canister or Slug Plug.

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