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Rockshox Shock Air Sleeve Basic Service Kit

Rockshox Shock Air Sleeve Basic Service Kit

Monarch RT3 2013
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Genuine Air Sleeve Kits from Rockshox.

They say that prevention is better than a cure. This certainly rings true with air sleeve kits. By servicing your air sleeve every 20-50 hours of riding time (depending on the conditions you're riding in) you'll not only have a shock that is always performing at its best, but you'll save yourself money in the long run.

These kits include all the seals that are required to get your shock's air sleeve back running like new. You'll also need some Maxima 15wt/50 suspension fluid and some Parker O-Lube.

Monarch 2014+ - B1 - RockShox Part: 00.4315.032.380 Barcode: 710845729539 Notes: Plus, R, RT, RL, RT3 and XX - Not High Volume

Monarch HV 2014+ - B1 - RockShox Part: 00.4315.032.390 Barcode: 710845729546 Notes: Plus, R, RT, RL, RT3 and XX - High Volume Only

Monarch Debonair 2015+ - RockShox Part: 00.4315.032.540 Barcode: 710845757525

Monarch/Monarch Plus 2011-2013 - RockShox Part: 00.4315.032.240 Barcode: 710845684517 Notes: Not High Volume

Monarch/Monarch Plus HV 2011-2013 RockShox Part: 00.4315.032.250 Barcode: 710845684524 Notes: High Volume

Deluxe/Super Deluxe 2017 - 50 Hour - RockShox Part: 00.4315.032.615 Barcode: 710845793417

Ario / Monarch 2008-2010 - RockShox Part: 00.4315.032.260​ Barcode: 710845684531 Notes: Pre 2008 oil-damper units are non-serviceable

Monarch HV RT3 2013 - RockShox Part: 00.4315.032.340​ Barcode: 710845716621 Notes: High Volume​

Monarch Specialized Autosag B1 2014+ - RockShox Part: 00.4315.032.480​ Barcode: 710845748691 Notes: For models with Specialized Autosag.

Vivid Air 2012-2013 - RockShox Part: 00.4315.032.220​ Barcode: 710845684494

Vivid Air B1 2014+ - RockShox Part: 00.4315.032.370​ Barcode: 710845716744

MONARCH RT3 2013 - RockShox Part: 00.4315.032.330 Barcode: 710845716638 Notes: 2013 After Market Rear Shock Air Can Service Kit Monarch RT3

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