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RevGrips Race Series Grips

RevGrips Race Series Grips

Black With Black Clamps
Grip Component:
Dual Lock On Grips
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Revgrips are truly revolutionary in their idea and execution. With their patented shock absorbing technology these grips offer a level of comfort never before experienced on a bike. These have a great effect on hand and arm fatigue.

The Race Series Grips are simply a “Bare-Bones” version of the Pro Series System, giving you the same level of performance but keeping the cost down by reducing the initial choices for clamps, colour, tuning options, and installation tools.

All parts are upgradeable and interchangeable between Race and Pro Series, so you can add coloured grips, lightened clamps, or a tuning washer Set to adjust the feel at any time.

The grips fit the industry-standard 22.2mm diameter handlebar and they come in a range of sizes and rubber compounds to suit all types of riders and setups.

Standard Grips:

  • Small: 31mm - Thin and ultra-soft compound, great for small hands
  • Small Half Waffle: 31mm (32mm Waffle Zone) - Thin and soft compound, great for small-medium hands and suited for gloveless riders
  • Medium: 32.5mm: Ultra-soft compound, most versatile size and most popular diameter
  • Large: 35mm: Increased padding with an ultra-soft compound, great for large hands

RG4, RG5, RG6, RG7, Ergonomic:

These are the newest and most popular options in the RevGrips lineup. Featuring a super-soft compound combined with a high-traction, subtle, ergonomic design that supports your hand where it's needed.

Choose from 4 distinct sizes of Ergonomic Shaped grips from an RG4 to an RG7. These all have a VERY subtle, ergonomic design that supports your hand where it's needed as well as traction ribs on the bottom of the grip for the ultimate in performance and comfort. All 4 of these sizes have the same design/profile. Simply choose your size (thickness).

  • RG4: (small) 32mm palm, 31.5mm inner/outer grip zone
  • RG5: (medium) 33mm palm, 32.5mm inner/outer grip zone
  • RG6: (large) 34mm palm, 33.5mm inner/outer grip zone
  • RG7: (extra large) 35mm palm, 34.5mm inner/outer grip zone

In The Box.

  • (2) Grip Sleeves
  • (4) Black Anodized Aluminium Clamps
  • (4) Suspension Insert Rings
  • (2) Aluminium Bar End Assemblies
  • (5) Clamp Screws
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