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PRO Volture eBike Pro Saddle

PRO Volture eBike Pro Saddle

Rail Material:
Stainless Steel
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E-bikes put certain, more specific demands on some gear and the rider. Since you can sit down and crank out a heap more hours on the bike when you've got a motor helping out, you've gotta give your tushy some extra saving grace. This is precisely where PRO's new Volture E-bike saddle comes in!

Who's it for: Riders on e-bikes, or regular bikes who want to me comfortable for hours and hours on end.

Cover: Grippy PU materials help maintain your position on the saddle in adverse conditions.

Padding: Extra thick, additional EVA padding on the rear of the saddle provide more comfort on longer rides.

Shell: Carbon reinforced base helps the saddle stay nice and strong in case of impacts, and for the extra use you can get out of it on an e-bike.

Rails: Stainless steel rails for strength and longevity. Standard 7mmx7mm tubes.

Weight: 235g

Pros: Super comfy, great for longer rides.

Cons: A little bulky, might be tough to move around it with the seat up.
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