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PRO Stealth Offroad Saddle

PRO Stealth Offroad Saddle

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The PRO Stealth is a designed for mountain bikers and featured a broad channelled nose to provide support and pressure relief while climbing and a short overall length to make it easier to move around on the bike. The stainless steel rails are suspended at the rear to provide extra shock absorption while seated, and the mounts on the underside of the shell allow for the fitment of PRO's aftermarket accessories such as tools, CO2, and rear-mounted camera.

Who's this item for: This saddle is designed for MTB riding and will be at home on any kind of MTB for any kind of riding.

Cover: Grippy and strong polyurethane cover with integrated textured polyurethane inserts on the corners for extra protection.

Padding: The saddle uses a super lightweight EVA padding that is comfortable and supportive.

Shell: A strong and lightweight carbon-reinforced polymer.

Rails: The rails are INOX stainless steel that are suspended at the rear to provide some shock absorption qualities.

Width: The saddle is available in 142 and 152mm widths. According to PRO, riders with a sit bone measurement of 100-129mm should choose the 142mm saddle, those with sit bones measuring 130mm plus should do for the 152mm saddle.

Stand out features: The saddle has a threaded integrated accessory mount on the rear underside that can fit PRO's aftermarket accessories such as a sports camera mount, CO2 holder, and the integrated PRO Tool 13 Function mount/bracket.

Pros: MTB optimised shape and padding for comfort and ease of movement. Suspended rear rails to take some of the sting out of seated pedalling.

Cons: The accessory mount is a great idea but it's only compatible with PRO accessories.
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