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Peaty's Loam Foam Concentrate Bike Wash

Peaty's Loam Foam Concentrate Bike Wash

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Save the world one plastic bottle at a time. Get the same cleaning power as you get from Peaty's much loved LoamFoam Cleaner in a handy concentrate. 1L of Peaty's concentrate will make 5L of Peaty's Loam Foam which means less bottles and more workshop space for you.

Who's this item for: Any rider looking for a great quality cleaner that is safe to use on all bike surfaces including carbon, brake pads and brake discs. 

Mixing Instructions: 

  • Add 200ml of LoamFoam Concentrate into an empty LoamFoam spray bottle.
  • Top up the bottle with fresh cold water, up to the shoulder of the bottle.
  • Replace the sprayer lid and tighten until firm.
  • Shake the bottle vigorously until fully mixed.
  • Go clean your bike.

Pros: It's a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly (it's also biodegradable) way of getting your bike clean.

Cons: You will need to have a spray bottle already. 
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