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Peaty's Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser

Peaty's Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser

500ml Trigger Spray
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If you are after a high-quality bike-specific drivetrain degreaser look no further than Peaty's. The powerful biodegradable formula is tough on grime but gentle on other bike components and the environment. This degreaser will not attack waterproof bearing greases so is safe to use on jockey wheels and near bottom brackets.

Who's this item for: Riders after a biodegradable degreaser which is safe to use for regular drivetrain cleaning and degreasing.

Applying Peaty's Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser:
  • Apply liberally to the cassette while cycling the chain backwards, building up a thick layer of foam.
  • Apply directly to any other areas not already coated such as crank arms, derailleur bodies or jockey wheels.
  • Run through all of your gears several times to agitate the grime.
  • Agitate any stubborn areas where needed (you can use a cassette brush) then leave to soak for two minutes.
  • Rinse off thoroughly with clean water.
  • Dry the chain using a clean cloth
  • Apply Chain Lubricant.

Pros: It's biodegradable and won't attack your important bearing grease. Comes in an easy to apply spray bottle.

Cons: If you are looking to degrease and repack your bearings, you are going to need something a bit stronger.
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