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Park PW-3 Pedal Wrench

Park PW-3 Pedal Wrench

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Nice and simple, yet comfortable and easy to use pedal wrench for both standard 15mm pedals, and older 9/16ths pedals.
Who's this for:  Riders who have pedals and need to take them off, put them on, or both!

Materials:  Shop quality Cro-Moly steel, with a vinyl dipped handle for maximum comfort.

Pedal compatibility:  This tool has a slot for both standard 15mm pedals, and the older, 1-piece crank style 9/16ths pedals.

Dimensions:  The PW-3 is 32cm long in total, heaps of leverage for those really stubborn pedals.

Pros:  Super simple and comfortable to use.

Cons:  Not as sophisticated as higher end Park pedal wrenches.  Doesn't have different angles for better leverage depending on pedal position.
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