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Park PRS-4.2-1 Deluxe Bench Mounted Workstand

Park PRS-4.2-1 Deluxe Bench Mounted Workstand

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Top of the line, shop quality bench mounted workstand.

Who's this for:  Designed for professional use, but if you work on your own bike a lot, it may be a great addition to your workshop.

Mounting:  Wide flange, 4 bolt bench mount.  Can be used with regular or lag bolts.  Bolts are not included.

How does it hold the bike:  It's primarily designed to grab the top tube of the bike, but it can be used on the seat post as well, although this is not the ideal height for that.  Soft rubber jaws make it safe for clamping even delicate carbon road frames.

Height: With 3 different mounting holes, it can be adjusted from 41cm to 92cm above the bench surface.

Materials:  Heavy gauge steel tubing, chrome plated for 

Pros:  Absolute top tier bench mounted work stand.

Cons:  Has the price to match.
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