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Park AWS-13 Mini Fold Up Hex Wrench Set

Park AWS-13 Mini Fold Up Hex Wrench Set

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Ever looked at a multi-tool and thought it was cute?  Probably not.  But NOW you have, cos this little thing is utterly adorable.  Small enough to fit just about anywhere, including your keyring, and contains all the standard size tools that you might need in a pinch.

Who's this for:  Riders needing tools that can fit in the smallest pocket, or to carry everywhere on their keyring.

How many tools:  6 tools, and a keyring holder.

What's included:  Combo screwdriver, 3, 4, 5mm allen keys and a T25 Torx driver.

Size:  A tiny, 57mm long.

Pros:  Fit's anywhere you can think to put it, and super easy to carry around.

Cons:  As you'd expect from such a small tool, leverage is lacking a fair bit.  
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