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OneUp Components Fork Axle

OneUp Components Fork Axle

Axle Position:
15x110mm Fox
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If you want your bike to be dialled, with some matching colours and a bit of bling thrown in the mix then get onto these OneUp Components Fork Axles. They will complete your build nicely! Various colours are available to match any scheme you are going for, and there are options for both Fox and Rockshox forks.

Though don't just be lured in by the looks of these axles. They are light and stiff - yes two words you tend not to hear together without spending big bucks. Weight weenies will rejoice at the fact these axles are around 20% lighter than the QR equivalent, but everyone will appreciate that they are 98% stronger and even stiffer than a standard 15mm thru-axle. A 6mm hex tool is all that is needed to fit and remove.


  • Suitable for use with Fox and RockShox 15mm axle forks
  • NOT compatible with RockShox RS-1 fork or older Fox 36 Pinch Bolt Style (2016 and older)
  • For 2021+ Fox 36 or 38 or with pinch-bolt floating thru-axles, choose the Fox Floating Axle
  • NOT compatible with Fox 40


  • 98% Stiffer and stronger than stock 15mm QR thru-axle
  • 20g Lighter than stock QR thru-axle
  • Low-profile hex head won't get caught on trailside obstacles.


  • RockShox Boost (15x110) 63g
  • RockShox non-Boost (15x100) 59g
  • Fox Boost (15x110) 61g
  • Fox non-Boost (15x100) 58g
  • Fox Floating Axle (15x110) 71g
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