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OneUp Components Dropper Post Remote Lever

OneUp Components Dropper Post Remote Lever

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Shifter Remote Mount

The OneUp Components Dropper Post Remote Lever is a sleek looking aluminium dropper remote with an oversized bearing that is super smooth.

The remote itself has a super smooth action thanks to the oversized bearing it runs on. The lever position is unique compared to everything else in that it's positioned further around where the upshift lever usually sits, (not the downshift lever like a normal dropper remote) this allows your thumb to remain wrapped further around the bar and makes it quicker to reach the remote as there is less thumb movement. 

This is compatible with any other brand/model of hydraulic dropper and clamps the cable at the lever. If your dropper is clamped at the post, just cut the end off the cable, and clamp it at both ends.

Who's this item for: Any rider looking for a great quality and versatile cable actuated dropper remote to suit their cockpit.

Compatibility: Compatible with all cable actuated dropper posts. 

Materials: Aluminium 

Tension adjustor: Yes

NOTE: Matchmaker X clamp is compatible with I-Spec EV as well (12 speed XTR M9100, XT M8100, SLX M7100 only). 


  • 22.2mm Bar Clamp - 46g
  • SRAM Matchmaker X/I-Spec EV - 43g  
  • Shimano I-spec II - 41g

Stand out features: Super smooth pivot due to the large bearing. Compatible with all cable actuated dropper posts.

What's in the box: Includes Remote, inner cable and housing.

Pros: Great quality with super smooth actuation at a great price.

Cons: Can't see anything wrong with this.

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