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Microshift Advent SL-M8195-R XPress 9 Speed Rear Shifter

Microshift Advent SL-M8195-R XPress 9 Speed Rear Shifter

Shifter Remote Mount:
22.2mm Bar Clamp
9 Speed
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For once the bike industry has given us something we've been asking for... A wide range group-set that you don't need to mortgage your house or sell your last kidney for.

Introducing Microshift's Advent- 1 x 9 group-set with a wide range cassette, clutch mech, and matching shifter. YAAASSSSS! Best thing of all this group-set will leave enough money in your pocket for a ride trip this weekend!

Don't let the tiny price tag of the Microshift Advent SL-M8195-R XPress 9 Speed Rear Shifter sway you. This no frills shifter does exactly what it's intended to do. Change gears when you push the paddles. Up, down. Down, up, up. Down, down down- it doesn't care so long as you're using it. Featuring sealed lever bearings to reduce the effort needed to depress the ergonomic paddles this 9-speed shifter is among the smoothest out there. Pair that smooth action with positive and audible feedback and you'll know you've just shifted gears. No mushy mashed potato lever feels here.

Who's this item for: Riders who already have the Advent cassette and derailleur and are looking to finish off the group-set.

Number of gears: 9. Yes! Only nine. Gear tuning just got easier and the cost of chains and cassettes just got cheaper.

Weight: About 130-grams including a shift cable.

Materials: Plastic body and paddles. An aluminium bar clamp and sealed bearings.

Mount style: This shifter is only available with a bar clamp. There are currently no options to pair this to your existing brakes or dropper post levers.

Pros: The sealed bearings make for a smooth, positive shift. Quality construction. 5! Thats right 5 gears can be shifted with a single, sweeping push of the large thumb paddle.

Cons: Some Shimano riders might miss the ability to shift down two gears with a single push of the smaller paddle. No option to mount to your brakes or dropper lever. Not compatible with SRAM or Shimano
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