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Maxxis Snyper Tyre

Maxxis Snyper Tyre

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Diameter Width Tubeless Compatible Casing Technical Casing Compound Technical Compound Colour Bead Price Add to Wishlist
24 Inch 2.0 Inch No Light Duty Protection SilkShield Medium Dual Compound Black Wire
Regular price $49.95
Regular price Sale price $49.95
SKU: 4717784028910
Light Duty Protection
24 Inch
2.0 Inch
Dual Compound

Regular price $49.95
Regular price Sale price $49.95


The perfect off-road tyre for little-wheeled bikes.

If you've got a little shredder of your own, you've probably noticed that the tyres that cam stocked on their teeny mountain bike probably weren't all that adequate. It can be quite a struggle to get a decent set of rubber for the smaller bikes out there.

Enter the Snyper!

The Snyper features a low-rolling resistence, yet aggressive tread, designed with dirt trail BMXing in mind, but they double as a fantastic 24" trail tyre. With SilkwormTM protection under the tread, dual compound technology, and a sturdy wire bead, this tyre will go the distance on the trails, and stand up to all the abuse the little ones can through at it.

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