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Magicshine Ray 1600 Lumen Front LED Light

Magicshine Ray 1600 Lumen Front LED Light

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The RAY series from Magicshine is a clever "Battery On Board" integrated front light system combining separate spot and flood beam functionality with adjustable brightness, an intelligent Daytime Running Light, an OLED power and beam mode indicator, a secure Garmin style handlebar mount and universal USB-C fast charging and discharging.

The RAY series of lights feature a smart mode, where the bike light automatically adjusts its output based on the level of ambient light it detects, in day mode, the output will be limited to 30 lumens to increase the rider’s passive visibility in the traffic. Under night mode, or when entering a tunnel, the output will kick up a few notches for full range visibility in the dark.

The RAY 1600 uses two high-efficiency luminous SST-20 LEDS; one with a lens optimised for long-distance, the other a lens optimised for wide beam. Powered by two high capacity 18650 integrated 3.6V batteries with 5,200mAh capacity, the RAY 1600 has a runtime of up to 50 hrs in low mode and can be used as a portable power bank to recharge your phone or GPS. Never worry about how much battery life you have left as the intuitive 2-button switches also act as an accurate battery level indicator.

The included Garmin handlebar mount will securely hold your Ray to handlebars from 25.4mm to 35mm diameter and even aero bars that aren't round thanks to the included straps of different lengths.

Who's this item for: For commuters and singletrack MTB riders who might want a light bright enough for proper singletrack use that's also versatile enough to be set and forget for regular commuting as well.

LED Type: 2 x luminous SST-20 LEDS with a maximum power of 800 Lumens each

Battery Type: Integrated battery with two high capacity 18650 cells with 5,200mAh capacity.

Modes, Output and Runtime: Magicshine hasn't provided detailed runtimes for the RAY 1600. These figures are approximate and have been extrapolated from run times for the RAY2600.

Combined (Long and Wide)
Eco: 200 lm 20 hrs
Low: 400lm 10 hrs
Mid: 800 lm 5 hrs
High: 1600lm 2.5 hrs

Eco: 100 lm 50 hrs
Low: 200lm 25 hrs
Mid: 400 lm 10 hrs
High: 800lm 5 hrs

Eco: 100 lm 50 hrs
Low: 200lm 25 hrs
Mid: 400 lm 10 hrs
High: 800lm 5 hrs

Low: 30lm 200 hrs

Charging Method and Time: The RAY is charged using a standard USB-C type cable (included) and can be fully charged in 2-3 hours

Mount Type: The RAY is provided with a secure Garmin handlebar mount that uses interchangeable straps of different lengths to accommodate handlebar diameters from 25.4mm to 35mm and even Aero bars greater than this. The Ray can be mounted to any Garmin style mount.

Beam Angle: While not specifically stated, the Ray produces a spot beam for long-distance throw as well as a wide beam for a flood effect which gives the rider the ability to choose a lighting mode to suit the conditions.

Waterproof Rating: The RAY is IPX6 rated meaning it is protected against high-pressure water streams from any angle.

Dimensions and Weight: 96 x 41 x 27mm and 186g

What's in The Box:

  • 1 x RAY 1600
  • 1 x Handlebar mount
  • 4 x Silicone strap
  • 1 x USB-C cable
  • 1 x 3mm hex
  • 1 x User manual
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