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Magicshine MJ-6116C 3500Mah Battery Pack

Magicshine MJ-6116C 3500Mah Battery Pack

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Magicshine's MJ-6116C battery pack is a 3500mAh 7.2V replacement rechargeable battery pack for your Magicshine MJ-900 series, MJ-902 series and MJ-906 series bike lights. The clever thing is, that it's also a portable power source that provides you with a USB outlet for recharging your phone or GPS device while out on the trail.

You can recharge the MJ-6116C using any typical USB AC wall charger and the incuded cable via the Micro USB input. If you just want to take the battery with you as a USB power supply, you can remove the battery cable from the battery and replace it with a silicone dust cover.

With a built-in battery monitor and check button, you'll always know how much power you have left and with an IXP4 rating (protected against splashing water from any angle) you don't have to be concerned about getting caught in the rain.

Power is provided by 4 x 18650 Lithium-Ion cells providing 6.7Ah or 48.24Wh of capacity and the whole package is just 40x30x160mm in size and weighs 294g. The MJ-6116C is supplied with two soft, non-slip silicone foam strips which you can apply to one side and is supplied with a pair of Nylon and Velcro straps for you to secure the battery to your frame without damage or movement.

All Magicshine batteries have a wide operating and discharge range and include a circuit with over-charge, over-discharge and short circuit protection meaning you can be sure that your Magicshine battery is safe to use and charge.

The MJ-6116C is compatible with MJ-900, MJ-900S, MJ-900B, MJ-900, MJ-900ES, MJ-902, MJ-902B, MJ-902ES, MJ-906 and MJ-906B bike lights.

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