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Magicshine Garmin-GoPro Helmet Mount for Monteer

Magicshine Garmin-GoPro Helmet Mount for Monteer

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The Magicshine MJ-6276 headlamp and helmet mount kit gives you the ability to mount any Garmin or Go-Pro mount device to your helmet or you can use the mount to wear your Monteer bike light as a headlamp.

The kit provides you with a hard plastic 3-prong GoPro mounting plate that has three strap loops, a pair of non-stretch velcro straps for securing the mounting plate to your helmet, a pair of stretchy elastic straps for use as a headband and a GoPro to Garmin adapter for attaching your Magicshine light using the included screw handle.

When used as a helmet mount, the kit will provide a stable and secure platform to which you can mount a Magicshine light or action camera, or any other device as long as it has either a Garmin mount or a GoPro mount.  Compatible with Magicshine MJ-90XS series, Allty and RN series, as well as the Monteer MTB models

If you have a Magicshine Monteer light, the kit works perfectly as a headlamp, but due to the orientation of the 3-prong GoPro mounting plate, devices that have a deeper profile than the Monteer may not fit the mount properly and might rub on your forehead!

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