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Mac-Ride Mini Grips

Mac-Ride Mini Grips

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The Mac-Ride Mini Grips are small grips for small hands, perfect for your kids to hold on to while you ride! They are comfortable and warm for your child to grip on to, instead of holding your bare bars which can be slippery and cold. You use grips on your bike, so why wouldn't your child use grips also?

How to fit your Mac Ride Mini Grips

Now that your bars are free for the Mini Grips

  1. Spray the inside of one Mini Grip with hairspray.
  2. Quickly slide it on your bars and place it in the ideal spot for your little one.
  3. Leave it to dry.
  4. Do the same for the other Mini Grip. (Sometimes, both Mini Grips will feed on from one side. Other times, they will feed on one from each end of the bar, and you will need to loosen your bars to shuggle them left and right for there to be enough remove in the cables to slide off brakes and gears.)
  5. Leave to dry for 1 minute, then install your gears, brakes and adult grips. If you don't have lock-on grips, use hairspray for your adult grips too!

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