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Lezyne Smart Chainstay Protector

Lezyne Smart Chainstay Protector

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Bike sound like you're kicking a bunch of pots and pans when you're on your decent? You might need a Leyzne Smart Chainstay Protector. It features puncture resistant neoprene to protect your frame finish and is held in place by heavy duty velcro. An internal rubberised pattern stops it from slipping in rough terrain. It comes in three sizes for an accurate fit and did we tell you its machine washable? 

Whos this item for: Riders noticing a lot of chain noise on their ride or anyone after added protection on their chainstay.

  • Small: 95x250 mm
  • Medium: 130x250 mm
  • Large: 180x250 mm
Pros: Will stop unwanted noise from your chain, and protect the finish of your frame. It comes in three sizes to get the perfect fit.

Cons: Would be good if it came in different colours to match your ride.
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