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Lezyne Pressure Drive V2 Mini Pump

Lezyne Pressure Drive V2 Mini Pump

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The Lezyne Pressure Drive V2 ABS Mini Pump is that trusty trailside companion, always there when you need them, to help you get through those tough times.  AKA flat tyres...  This CNC-machined aluminium pump has been specially designed to reach riding pressure with up to 30% fewer strokes compared to conventional hand pumps.  Equipped with Lezyne's ABS Flex Hose (which stores neatly in side the handle) and featuring an overlapping handle and barrel the Pressure Drive V2 stores away nice and small when not in use.

Who's this item for: Riders who want a pump that is efficient, easily stored and top quality. 

Materials: The pump is made from CNC machined aluminium and the frame mount is made from composite.

Gauge Yes / No: This pump doesn't feature a gauge.  You will have to use the old thumb test.  If your tyre feels like an orange it's good.  If it feels like an apple there's too much pressure.  If it feels like a plum there's still a hole in it somewhere. 

Rated pressure: This pump will hit an astounding 120psi (8.3 bar) But will your arms?

Pump head type: The Pressure Drive V2 features Lezyne's ABS Flex Hose which will thread directly onto Presta or Schrader valves.  One side of the ABS Flex Hose threads onto Presta valves while the other side threads onto Schrader valves.  Both ends thread into the pump body. 

What valves does it work on: Presta and Schrader valves.

C02 compatible: Nope.  This pump is not compatible with C02 in any way.

Dimensions and weight:
  • Small - 170mm long and 89-grams
  • Medium - 216mm long and 102-grams
Pros: The ABS Flex Hose ensures a leak free fit onto the valve and the pump. Compact design packs away nicely. 

Cons: No C02 canister compatibility. 
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