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Lezyne Mini Drive 400 Lumen Front LED Light

Lezyne Mini Drive 400 Lumen Front LED Light

Regular price $59.95
Regular price Sale price $59.95


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400 Black Front
Regular price $59.95
Regular price Sale price $59.95
SKU: 4712806002114

Regular price $59.95
Regular price Sale price $59.95


The Mini Drive 400XL is a compact and durable multi-purpose light featuring a bright, single LED system. The body of the light is constructed from CNC machined aluminium with inbuilt cooling fins and to maximise heat dispersion. The compact design delivers up to 400 lumens with eight different modes including a daytime flash mode. Lezyne claims a runtime of up to 20 hours on a full charge, but when it does come time to recharge you can do so easily via the included USB cable.

  • Max Lumens: 400
  • Weight: 83g
  • Max Runtime: 20 hours (15 Lumen mode)
  • Recharge Time: 2:30 hours

Who's this item for: This is a general-purpose cycling light suitable for use on the road and cycle paths. It is not powerful enough to be used as a primary light for serious off road riding.

LED Type: This light uses a single LED design.

Battery Type: An internal battery that is recharged via USB.

Modes, Output and Runtime: There are 8 modes to choose from with the lowest offering up 15 lumens and the longest runtime of a claimed 20 hours. The max setting puts out 400 lumens and you can expect about an hour of usage out of that.
Charging Method and Time: Charged via USB cable (included). Recharge time approx 2.5 hours.

Mount Type: Bar mounted via a stretchy rubber strap that can securely mount to a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Waterproof Rating: Not stated but it should be fine to handle a bit of spray during use.

Weight: 83g

What's in The Box: Mini Drive 400XL unit, stretchy rubber mounting strap, and USB recharging cable. This model is not compatible with Lezyne's aftermarket mounts.

Pros: Simple, no-fuss design is easy to mount quickly. USB recharging.

Cons: Not bright enough for offroad use as a primary light. Not compatible with Lezyne's aftermarket mounts.

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