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Leatt Velocity GPX 6.5 Goggles

Leatt Velocity GPX 6.5 Goggles

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Goggles are often toted for their cool looks and superior field of vision when using a full face helmet, but one thing not many people consider about them is actually their protection.
Well, Leatt are showcasing the amount of protection their goggles can offer, with a military balistics bulletproof rating!  With a rating of MIL-DTL-43511D, the GBX 6.5 can stop a .22 travelling at up to 650ft per second, which is a fair bit faster than a stick or rock from your mates back wheel, or your front wheel.

Who's this for:  Riders wanting to make sure their eyes and face a protected from flying debris, but also want a sick looking and really comfy set of goggles.

Goggle type/size:  These are quite a wide set of goggles, from top to bottom, so fill most of your face.  

Stand out features:  Well, being bulletproof is pretty stand out!  They're also a double pane lens that drastically helps with fogging.

Lens interchangeability:  Leatt aid in lens changing by having a really neat, and easy to use clip system.

Pros:  Safety first, and still look awesome.

Cons:  May be too large for some smaller viewport helmets.
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