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Kenda Nevegal 2 Pro Tyre

Kenda Nevegal 2 Pro Tyre

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The legend, reborn.

The Nevegal was one of the most pedigree tyres around for more than a decade.  It's versatility was second to none, from Rampage to your local trails, everyone's ridden a Nevegal, or seen one on the trails gripping like... like..?  Well, like a really grippy tyre!  Unfortunately, with the rise of other tyres such as the Minion DHF, the Nevegal was usurped and fell from the public eye.
"I'm back, baby!" screams the Nevegal 2, waltzing into the throne room.  Exactly twice as fast as it's former self, yet somehow nearly twice as much climbing, braking, and cornering grip, the Nevegal has as legitimate a claim to the throne as any.

Who's this for:  An all mountain rider wanting the most versatile tyre you could poke it a stick at.

Suggested terrain:  Loose, loose over hard, hardpack, medium, light mud.

Which wheel: Front or rear, the Nevegal 2 excells.

Pros:  Fast, grippy, durable, what more do you want?

Cons:  Not insanely tough, so won't hold up under WC level DH stuff, but anything short of that, you're in the clear.
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