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JetBlack Jetstream Sunglasses

JetBlack Jetstream Sunglasses

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The JetBlack Jetstream Sunglasses are a compact set of glasses that are perfect for serious riders. They feature fully adjustable temple arms and nose piece, allowing you to fit them just right. The Jetstream is designed to allow maximum airflow while riding. The various lenses provide 100% protection from UV rays.

The Jetstream eyewear frame is made from JetBlack's Transparent Thermo-plastic Polyamide (TTPP), a super tough material that resists stress cracking and has a high flex strength. The small amount of flex built into the frame makes them very comfortable to wear.

PCL Lens Glasses

  • A Polycarbonate (PCL) lens in the listed colour. PCL lenses fitler 100% of UV light, which give you ultimate protection. They are incredibly lightweight and much more compact than standard plastic lenses (up to 46% thinner and 37% lighter). They are also coated with a hard multi coating to reduce scratches, and PCL is shatterproof (perfect for outdoor activities!).Each set comes with three lenses.

Photochromic Lens Glasses:

  • A Photochromic (FCP) lens, which is able to respond automatically to changes in light conditions. The lens lightens or darkens quickly depending on the available light. They provide 100% UV protection, even when they are at their lightest. They are tuned to provide the ultimate depth perception in any given light or weather conditions, by maximizing visual contrast.

*Please note that Photochromic Lens Glasses do not come with the additional PCL lenses.JetBlack PCL lenses come in 5 colour:

  • FXA Amber: For use early morning, rainy days or at dusk. They transit 87% of light to give best clarity/contrast in low light.
  • FXT Transparent: Providing complete protection of the eyes - from dust, debris, mud, wind chill.
  • FXR Red: Perfect in high-glare environments, providing exceptional depth percepton and clarity.
  • FXB Blue: High light transmission while reducing the full spectrum of glare.
  • FXS Smoke: Designed for all-purpose use in sunny conditions, reducing glare.

Supplied with a carbon-look case.

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