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iXS Hack Evo Youth Knee Pads - Black

iXS Hack Evo Youth Knee Pads - Black

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The iXS Hack Evo Youth Knee Pads are a terrific option for young riders starting to push their limits. The Hack series combines the characteristics from the Flow and Carve series, but in a trimmed down, cost effective manner. Being a 'soft protector' without a hardshell the Hack Evo Youth Knee Pads are lightweight and extremely comfortable.

Who's this item for: Young or petite riders who are in need of knee protection that can still be pedalled in. These are great for junior riders who are discovering or pushing their limits on the bike.

Protection Style: The Evo Hack Youth Knee Pad uses a flexible, impact resistant foam IXS call QMatterTM. This foam protection meets the European safety standard EN1621-1 and EN1621-2.

Materials: The knee pads are constructed from a lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking material that has an anti-bacterial treatment. The back of the knee pad is made from AeroMeshTM, which is highly breathable and comfortable. This material helps prevent chafing, ensuring rider comfort.

Closure or Slip-on: The knee pads slip on and feature hook and loop adjustable closures on the top and bottom of the knee pad. This allows you to fine tune the fit, keeping them secure and comfortable. There is also a silicon gripper along the top hem to help keep the knee pads in place.

Length of knee pad: These knee pads cover from just above the knee to just below the knee.

Protection level: Medium. The QMatterTM provides a great deal of protection- although not as much protection as their bigger brother, the Carve Series. These provide more protection than your standard slip on/knee warmer style knee pad.

Removable protective inserts for washing: No the inserts are not removable for washing.

Pros: A great knee pad at a good price. The QMatterTM protective insert used in these knee pads gets more comfortable as it warms up. That means they get more comfortable while in use. Awesome.

Cons: Other IXS knee pads have been designed with removable protective inserts for washing purposes. It would be nice if this cost conscious option saw that technology too.

Note: Please take care as to not pull the knee pads up your leg from the top of the pads as you would a pair of socks. The material is not designed for this and may cause tears. Damage to the knee pads of this nature may not be covered by the manufacturer warranty. We recommend pulling up knee pads from the top and bottom of the pad with care, in a way that avoids stretching the mesh or damaging the stitching.
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