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iXS Carve Upper Body Protective Jersey

iXS Carve Upper Body Protective Jersey

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The iXS Carve Upper Body Protective Jersey has been designed for big terrain and competition use. Featuring Xmatter protective foam in the shoulders and back where heavy impacts are most common. It also features NockOut absorbent padding on the chest and ribs. This close fitting, breathable, protective jersey is a must for gravity focussed riders.

Who's this item for: DH, Enduro, and All Mountain style riders who want top quality protection for their upper body.

Protection Style: The iXS Carve Upper Body Protective Jersey features removable, Xmatter protective inserts in the back and shoulders to ward off those big impacts. This lightweight, flexible visco-elastic polymer has been engineered to withstand multiple impacts in the same area without compromising it's shock absorbing properties. The very comfortable NockOut absorbent padding features at chest and ribs.

Materials: The protective jersey uses a lightweight, moisture wicking, breathable material. There is a FlexZip zipper featured on the front of the jersey. This stretchable YKK zipper allows the garment to move and conform to the rider.

Fitting style: This is a tight fitting garment that fits like a t-shirt. You unzip the FlexZip zipper on the front of the jersey to put it on or remove it.

Length of protection: The back protection runs all the way from your upper back down to your lower back. There is protection that runs across your ribs and your chest. The shoulder pads run from the top of the shoulder close to the top of the bicep.

Protection level: High. Although not as protective as a full hard shell suit, the Xmatter inserts offer a terrific amount of protection while being flexible and comfortable.

Removable protective inserts for washing: Yes, the Xmatter inserts are removable for ease of washing.

Pros: The Xmatter protective inserts get more flexible and thus more comfortable as they warm up. This close fitting protective jersey is ergonomically designed and well thought out.

Cons: If you plan to pedal around in this and live in a warm climate, you will be pretty toasty!

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