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Ion Seek AMP Flat Pedal Shoes - Black

Ion Seek AMP Flat Pedal Shoes - Black

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Urban-inspired flat-pedal bike shoe with classic lace closure system. The sock liner with cushioning effect protects your feet from impacts while the suede upper takes care of durability. ION's Pin Tonic concept is based on the perfect mixture of grip, protection and style. The outsole profile features positive threads in the forefoot and heel area for perfect traction while pushing or carrying your bike. The negative profile on the other hand offers the perfect grip and space for the pins while riding.

Who's this item for? Flat riders looking for a super grippy and robust shoe to go the distance.

Pedal interface: Flat

Closure: Laced.

Upper material: 65%Text, 35%Syn, outsole: 55% rubber.

Sole Material: Rubbercup flat pedal outsole with SupTraction_Rubbercompound Soul FL, the perfect mixture of grip and protection.

Sole Type: Full tread, holed design for extra pin grip.

Extra Info:

On top, the SUPTraction_Rubbercompund provides all the grip you need. As grip is just one part of power transmission the very front toe area features a lower shape to get maximum contact on the pedal. To season off this well-balanced drink – well, shoe ION added protection features against rocks and roots in the toe area and against contact with the cranks for your ankles. Show everyone you've got taste with this technical yet stylish flat pedal shoe.

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