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Ion K-Sleeve Knee Pads - Black

Ion K-Sleeve Knee Pads - Black

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A brand new version of ION's minimalist abrasion protection knee pads: Super lightweight using a perforated HD Memory Foam pad carried by a sleeve made from 3D mesh material. So light and stretchy, you can ride in them all day long, and pedal all the way to the top before bombing it back down with confidence. The very small pack size of the pads makes it easy to store in any tiny backpack as well.

Who's this item for: Riders looking for a lightweight kneepad to keep their skin on during Trail and All Mountain rides.

Protection Style: These are a soft pad so there is no hard outer protective shell.

Materials: High-density 3D moulded memory foam with an Aramid outer for durability and abrasion resistance. 45% EVA, 40% polyester, 15% nylon

Closure or Slip-on: A slip-on style pad without any velcro straps. Getting the sizing right is crucial with this type of pad.

Length of knee pad: The exact length isn't stated but they should extend a couple of inches above and below the knee.

Protection level: Light to moderate protection. These are definitely a pad more suited to pedal heavy days than they are to smashing out runs on lift-assisted gravity trails.

Removable protective inserts for washing: The padding is not removable.

Note: Please take care as to not pull the knee pads up your leg from the top of the pads as you would a pair of socks. The material is not designed for this and may cause tears. Damage to the knee pads of this nature may not be covered by the manufacturer warranty. We recommend pulling up knee pads from the top and bottom of the pad with care, in a way that avoids stretching the mesh or damaging the stitching.

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