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Huck Norris Anti-Flat Tubeless Protection

Huck Norris Anti-Flat Tubeless Protection

20 - 29 Inch
L - 34-45mm Inner Rim Width
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Eliminate tyre and rim damage!

It doesn't matter where you ride, Huck Norris is perfect for riders who wish to protect their rims and tyres from damage. Huck is a brilliant product that installs in minutes - simply pop one side of the tyre off the bead, insert, then reinstall. The foam insert acts as a cushion between your rim and tyre which prevents damage under normal and aggressive riding condition. If you want to avoid running higher pressures or heavy tyres to prevent damage, Huck will be a game changer for you.

Available in the following widths:

  • S: 21-28mm internal rim width
  • M: 27-35mm internal rim width
  • L: 34-45mm internal rim width

All versions come shipped ready for 29" wheels. Includes steps to shorten for 27.5" wheels. 26" is possible, however, you will have to measure where to cut.

Available individually (one wheel) or as a pair (two wheels). The 'pair' packaging doubles as a front fender.

Please note: You will have to add a little more sealant as there's an extra surface to coat.

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