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Hiplok Z Combo

Hiplok Z Combo

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Security Redefined:

A cutting edge concept in security with a multitude of applications. Hiplok Z Lok Combo offers the same groundbreaking lightweight, adjustable zip tie design as the original Z Lok but with the added benefits of a larger locking circumference and 3 digit combination mechanism with reset function.

The Perfect Café lock:

The ideal ride companion, the Z Lok Combo is small enough for the jersey pocket but offers dependable security for that mid-ride coffee stop. Lighter than a spare tube, a looped Z Lok Combo fits perfectly into a pocket or a saddlebag for convenient carrying.

Multi-use Practicality:

Once you have a Hiplok Z Combo, you’ll be amazed at the multiple uses you find for it. Whether used as the perfect short term security, protection whilst the bike is on a roof rack, a ski lock or to secure luggage and accessories, Hiplok Z Combo uses are endless.

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