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Hayes Brakes Pads For Dominion A4

Hayes Brakes Pads For Dominion A4

Pad Compound:
Sintered - Metallic
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The good friction. Speed and confidence come with better braking.

Designed specifically for the Dominion A4, these pads come in 2 flavours to provide powerful and consistent braking, no matter your riding conditions or preference.

  • Sintered T100: Sintered metallic friction material provides maximum stopping power in wet and dry conditions. Softer initial bite with higher stopping power and increased lifespan.
  • Semi-metallic T106: Friction material provides enhanced modulation and silent operation, great for lighter riders, dryer conditions, or those that want to sneak up on their opponents through quieter braking.

Who's this item for: For owners of Hayes' Dominion A4 4-Piston brake calipers.

Pad Material: Available in both Metal Sintered and Semi-Metalic Organic.

Backing plate material: Steel

Brake caliper compatibility: Hayes' Dominion A4 4-Piston brake calipers.

Stand out features: Genuine Hayes

What's in the box: Pair of brake pads, threaded securing pin

Tip: Don't forget to give your disc brake rotors a good clean before you fit your new pads and push the caliper pistons back in, before you remove the old pads and spend a bit of time bedding in your new pads before you hit the trails.

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