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Giro Tyrant MIPS Helmet - Matte Metallic Coal

Giro Tyrant MIPS Helmet - Matte Metallic Coal

Matte Metallic Coal
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Do you like to go out and push the boundaries of your riding? Come unstuck a bit and tend to eat a lot of dirt? For some types of riding an XC lid isn't enough and a full face is often too much. To address this, Giro has designed the Tyrant, an extended coverage helmet that gives you a lot of the extra confidence-inspiring protection that a full face offers, only without the associated Darth Vader breathing noises and claustrophobic feelings.

Extended lower wrap helmets have been in the BMX scene for years as those guys tend to crash pretty hard. They are just starting to appear on MTB rider's heads, with Cody Kelly, Josh Bryceland, and the 50to01 crew recently starting to rock them on the trails.

Who's this item for: The Tyrant is for anyone that likes to go out playing on their bike and pushing their limits. It's designed for aggressive trail riding whilst also being perfect for hitting dirt jumps all day long.

Construction: Hardshell, moulded polycarbonate outer with an extended lower wrap to cover the ears. EPS outer liner with EPP inner liner.

Rotational liner: The Tyrant makes use of the MIPS Spherical system which is essentially a refined and beefed-up version of the normal MIPS system. MIPS Spherical takes things a few steps further as the system comprises of two shells: a harder, EPS outer shell to deal with violent, high-speed impacts while the softer EPP inner shell is there to deal with low-speed impacts. This, combined with the "full-cut" design of the Tyrant makes for an extremely safe and capable helmet.

Straps: Single chin strap using a quick-release buckle.
Retention System: The ROC LOC Air DH retention system features a large, easy to grip dial and allows for vertical tuning to get the fit just right to suit your lumpy noggin'.
Ventilation: There are 14 vents with internal channeling to maximise the airflow using Giro's Stack ventilation system. This allows for seamless integration with goggles and helps to eliminate fogging by drawing warm air up and away from your lenses. The cheek pads are also highly ventilated to maximise the airflow inside the helmet.

Padding: The Tyrant ships with two sets of cheek pads: one thick, and one thin so you can fine-tune the fit to suit your preference.

Weight: All that extra material and tech with the MIPS Spherical system makes the Tyrant a bit weightier than your typical trail helmet but it does offer much more protection. A medium-sized Tyrant weighs approx 620 grams.

Pros: Awesome tech in the liner, and a design that maximises comfort and safety.

Cons: Might be a bit of overkill for most riding. Polarising appearance. Most people will either love it or hate it.
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