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Fox SKF Low Friction Dust Wiper Seal Kit

Fox SKF Low Friction Dust Wiper Seal Kit

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If you want the best, go straight to the source - these are genuine Fox Dust Wiper Seal Kits.

Manufactured for Fox by SKF, these are extremely low friction for the smoothest possible fork feel.

  • These are compatible with all Fox forks - they are a great upgrade from older model seals.
  • Inspect and clean and/or change every 125 hours of riding use or annually for maximum performance and fork longevity.
  • Select the kit that matches the stanchion tube size of your Fox fork
  • These are the current model seals from Fox and do not have a flange - therefore they are exceptionally difficult to install with standard tools or sockets. They should only be installed with Fox Seal Drivers
  • These seals are all compatible with Fox 20wt Gold Oil
  • All seal kits include Foam Rings and crush washers.
  • To perform a seal change, the damper rods will need to be removed from the lowers. A damper removal tool is required.

Part Numbers

32mm - 803-00-944

34mm - 803-00-945

36mm - 803-00-933

40mm - 803-00-946

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